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Hi, I'm Jason Li.

About Me

I'm a Hong Kong-based designer and consultant, specializing in product strategy, user experience and information design. I primary work with tech companies and startups in Asia.

I'm also working with An Xiao Mina on launching The Civic Beat, a social enterprise that amplifies social change online, and continue to write for and edit 88 Bar (八八吧), a group blog on technology, media and design in Greater China.

Once upon a time, I studied mechanical engineering and education at Brown University.

I'm a designer.

Work Work Work

Keywords: product strategy, user experience design, startups, ethnography, frontend development, illustration, graphic recording and facilitation.

I also draw & write things.



A tragicomic about the recession.


88 BAR

A group blog about tech, media and design in Greater China.

Here's a peak inside my brain.


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